LSI incubates disruptive innovations and scales them into global challengers

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Life Science Innovations Fund

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life and make the world a better place.

Areas of involvement

Health care

Preventive medicine innovations, ideas reducing health care costs, technology and solutions for patients and the health services sector.

Environmental protection

Innovation with climate-positive impact, low or zero-emission technology, clean energy, biodiversity and sustainable development support technology.


IT, engineering, and material solutions used in laboratory diagnostics, agriculture, food production, and related industries.


New medical devices used in diagnostics and treatment; substances, formulas, biomaterials, and health-related IT solutions

Our team

Our team is driven by a passion for innovations, by an ambition to incubate them into global businesses, and by a vision to create better world.

We have outstanding international experience in both science and business, share a profound admiration for inventors and the courage to be the leaders of innovation

Adam Cudny

Adam Cudny

MSc, CIMA, ACCA, General Partner, Investment Commitee

Marcin Szumowski

Marcin Szumowski

PhD, Investment Committee

Piotr Jeleński

Piotr Jeleński

MSc, MBS, Investment Committee

Paweł Wilski

Paweł Wilski


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Life Science Innovations Fund

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